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ICCA President Nina Freysen-Pretorius invites you to the 2016 ICCA Congress in Kuching!

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Get up close and personal with our ancestors in Sarawak...

It is truly astounding that we as humans share 97% of our DNA structure with the Bornean Orangutans (Pongo Pygmaeus). However, one of the stark differences that remain between humans and the Orangutan species is the saddening yet harsh reality that due to habitat destruction and indiscriminate hunting, they are now a highly endangered species close to extinction from our planet, forever.
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President’s Choice session speaker confirmed!

We are honoured to announce that Prof. Jonathan Jansen, Vice Chancellor of The University of Free State and President of the South African Institute of Race Relations — a position he will hold until August 2016 when he will step down to become a Fellow at the Centre for Advanced Studies at Stanford University in the United States — will be speaking at the 2016 ICCA Congress’s President’s Choice session in Kuching, Malaysia.
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Calling all ICCA tribespeople – The ICCA Congress needs you!

It is without doubt that year upon year, the ICCA Congress Education Programme cannot be the success that it is without the input of knowledge, wisdom and insights from within our own membership and the same applies for this year’s edition and for many years to come and we have identified a few sessions that would benefit from extra oomph.
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